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Experiencing an unbearable pain in your foot?

Are you experiencing an unbearable pain in your foot while walking or standing? You may be suffering from the condition known as plantar fasciitis. How do you know if you are really suffering from this condition? Generally, you will face the following problems which can be termed as the symptoms or sign of Plantar Fasciitis.

•Stiffness and pain in bottom of the foot

•Affects one foot at a time

•Very sharp pain which makes it difficult to stand or walk

•Pain is on its peak in the morning and gets lesser as you take a few steps ahead

•Pain subsidies when you are involved in any activity but increases on cooling down

•Stiffness in the heel makes it difficult to climb stairs up

If you are facing any of the above issues, you are most likely suffering from plantar fasciitis.

The culprit of the pain – Plantar Fasciitis

The inflammation of the plantar fascia tissue in your feet can be pretty painful and make it very difficult for you to engage in your daily physical activities such as walking and standing. Plantar Fasciitis is a very painful condition in which a bond of tissues in your foot gets inflated and leads to severe pain - pain so severe that something as simple as standing on your feet will become almost difficult to achieve. 

 If you are currently suffering from this condition, you will be glad to know that it is not a major issue but it is quite painful and can make you feel very uncomfortable which is why it is very important that you understand the condition and how you can obtain effective treatment. The earlier you seek treatment, the faster you will get relieve. 

How can we help?

This is where News on Feet comes in.  News on Feet is one of the best online sources for obtaining information on this foot condition and its treatment! 

One of the best methods of treating plantar fasciitis is though mechanical corrections which include methods such as arch taping and orthotics. Although, home treatments like applying ice to your feet and resting can cure it to a great extent, mechanical corrections are necessary if the pain does subsidies. 

They are available at very reasonable prices on our website.

Is diagnosis by a physician necessary?

Yes! If you are experiencing severe pain in your foot and the reason for the same seems to be unknown then you need to get diagnosed by a physician who will examine your feet to find the exact location in which you are facing pain and based on the symptoms will decide whether or not it is plantar fasciitis and will recommend treatment. 

In most cases, the physician will recommend a good pair of orthotics which as you know by now is available from us at affordable prices. So you no longer need to try to move about with that unbearable pain in your foot! It can be cured! We can help you get rid of it completely. 



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